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Headache and Migraine Services

Experiencing frequent headaches may be common, but it’s not normal. We offer consultation visits to clarify your diagnosis and explore treatment options that align with your goals and preferences. Services are delivered by Nurse Practitioner, Christie Tait, who specializes in migraine management and speaks internationally on the topic of improving migraine care. 

No referral is required, you can self schedule your visit for an in-person or virtual consultation.  Services are not covered by OHIP.

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Is a consultation right for you?

If you experience headache episodes that have ever resulted in you going to bed early, skipping physical or social activities, leaving work early, or reducing your productivity then you would benefit from a consultation. 

If you have been diagnosed with migraine and have attacks that are not consistently well controlled with your current approach then you would benefit from a consultation.

Are you wondering what causes your headaches? Migraine is more common than you might think, and manifests differently for everyone with a spectrum of symptoms and severity. Often, migraine symptoms like neck pain and sinus fullness may lead to misdiagnoses such as tension or sinus headaches. One in four women in their 40s experience migraine attacks often correlated with hormonal changes during this perimenopausal stage.

Many people are unaware that they have migraine, which means they don’t receive the appropriate treatment that can drastically improve quality of life.

Botox Treatment for Migraine

Botox is a safe and effective treatment for chronic migraine and has been approved by Health Canada since 2011.  It has been demonstrated as both safe and effective for the treatment of chronic migraine.  Patients often find this treatment has minimal to no side effects, and they report improvement in symptoms of neck and shoulder tension, and jaw pain.  ​ We now understand that in chronic migraine sensory nerves become hypersensitive and inflamed.  This leads to increasing frequency of migraine attacks that are more easily triggered. Botox works by preventing the release of pain transmitters from the sensory nerves and can start to decrease the severity and frequency of migraine attacks.  These injections are performed every 3 months and at least 3 treatments are needed to determine effectiveness. Most private insurance companies will cover the cost of Botox for chronic migraine but do have forms we typically complete.  ​

A message from Christie
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Migraine and frequent headaches are invisible and have been stigmatized within society and our healthcare system.  There is pervasive bias they are are caused by poor self care, dehydration, stress, or are a normal part of hormonal changes…  Those who live with headache disorders incorrectly blame themselves or normalize living with migraine symptoms and headaches. Migraine is a genetic, neurological disease and is not caused by dehydration or stress.  Treatment options for migraine have improved so much  that there is absolutely no reason for someone to struggle without guidance around treatment.  I chose to open this specialized practice to delivery high quality and personalized care and fill an immense gap in migraine care. 

Christie Tait MN NP-PHC

Nurse Practitioner

Founder and Director

What to expect from your consultation visit?

I want to understand your goal for the visit.

It could be better understanding of your headache disorder, reducing acute medication use, understanding new treatment options, or feeling better to enjoy time doing things you love or with people you love. It’s important for me to understand your needs.

It is helpful for you to bring a list of all treatments you have already tried including supplements, prescriptions, over the counter medications, and complimentary therapies so I can understand your journey.


After a detailed conversation and health history, we will establish a mutually agreed upon treatment plan that will consist of 3 essential components:

  1. Behavioural and non-medication strategies and goals.

  2. A plan to manage acute attacks of symptoms.

  3. A preventive plan to overall reduce frequency, severity, and frequency of symptoms.

 If medications are needed, then I will prescribe all treatments related to migraine and can complete any private insurance forms if needed.  Some of the specialized migraine treatments I have expertise in using  are Botox for chronic migraine, CGRP monoclonal antibodies (Ajovy, Vyepti, Aimovig, and Emgality), and Gepants (Ubrelvy, Qulipta, and Nurtec)

Consultations visits are 75 minutes in length and are can be in-person or virtual based on your preference.  The cost for an initial visit is $275 and is tax exempt.  You will receive a receipt for tax purposes or for your insurance company.  All plans vary so we cannot confirm whether nurse practitioner services are reimbursed through your plan. 


I have been working with Christie for over 3 years and I can’t overstate her impact - she has been an absolute life saver! The journey through chronic migraine diagnosis and treatment was incredibly difficult and I owe so much to her care. As anyone with headaches or migraines knows, finding quality care can feel impossible but from the beginning, Christie always took my symptoms seriously and genuinely cared about finding solutions. Her passion for migraine research is a huge benefit to all of her patients- I am always so appreciative of the education that helps me understand and also explain to friends and family. I followed Christie when she moved to her own practice full-time and I’d never go anywhere else!”

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